Obstacle Course 120 Foot

Obstacle Course 120 Foot
Obstacle Course 120 Foot Obstacle Course 120 Foot Obstacle Course 120 Foot Obstacle Course 120 Foot

Obstacle Course 120 Foot


per hour


for 2 hours


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for 3 days

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

80 L x 28 W x 16' H

Space Needed:

90'L x 35' W x 18'H

Product Information:

Unleash the Ultimate Adventure with Our 120-Foot Obstacle Course!

Get ready for an epic challenge with our largest attraction yet – the 120 ft Obstacle Course at GameCrazeParty.com! This colossal inflatable course is designed to take your event to new heights, offering an exhilarating experience for participants of all ages.

Key Features:

Gigantic Thrills: Our 120 ft Obstacle Course is not just big; it's massive! Immerse yourself in the excitement as you crawl through tunnels, blow past pillars, leap over barricades, and conquer the climb to the towering slide. Brace yourself for an adventure that promises big thrills at every turn.

Competitive Fun: Challenge the big kids with timed competitive races that add a layer of excitement to any event. Watch as participants go head-to-head, navigating the course with speed and agility, creating a thrilling spectacle for spectators.

All-Age Entertainment: Amuse the younger ones for hours as they climb, explore, and slide their way through this gigantic obstacle course. With plenty of room to accommodate various age groups, the 120 ft Obstacle Course is the perfect centerpiece for backyard parties and elementary school events.

Versatile Event Solution: Hosting a corporate event, school function, or church gathering? Look no further! The 120 ft Obstacle Course is a crowd-pleaser at a variety of occasions. Its versatility has even made it a highlight at graduation parties, leaving guests with unforgettable memories.

Connect and Conquer: Comprising four sections that seamlessly connect, this obstacle course provides riders with a sprawling 120 ft of competitive running space. The interconnected design enhances the overall experience, ensuring a dynamic and engaging adventure for everyone.

Warning: It's HUGE!: When we say it doesn't get any bigger than this, we mean it! The 120 ft Obstacle Course is a colossal masterpiece, delivering an unmatched level of fun and excitement. Brace yourself for an inflatable experience that truly lives up to its enormous reputation.

Don't miss out on the action – make your event unforgettable with the 120 ft Obstacle Course from GameCrazeParty.com. Whether you're planning a backyard bash, school event, or corporate gathering, this inflatable giant guarantees an adventure of epic proportions. Book now and let the colossal fun begin!

Product Reviews:

  • 5/24/21JaimeeThe seniors and staff had a blast. The obstacle course was definitely a hit.

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    Key Features:

    Thrilling Design: The Adrenaline Rush spans over 1200 square feet of heart-racing obstacles, ensuring an adrenaline-pumping adventure from start to finish.

    Head-to-Head Competition: Watch as two competitors enter at opposite ends, navigating through a mini rock wall, conquering over and under log rolls, darting through a tunnel, evading pop-ups, scaling a challenging rock wall, and finally, experiencing the rush of a quick slide finish.

    Age-Defying Fun: Perfect for ages 7 to adult, the Adrenaline Rush guarantees a good time for everyone. It's the ideal attraction for corporate team building activities, outdoor sports days at schools, or community events that seek to inject energy and excitement.

    Strategic Design: The strategically positioned entrance and exits ensure a spectacle for onlookers, as participants converge for a high wall climb and a thrilling photo finish. It's not just an obstacle course; it's a visual spectacle that captivates the audience.

    Versatile Event Solution: Whether you're planning a corporate team-building day, an outdoor sports event at school, or a community gathering, the Adrenaline Rush is the perfect addition to elevate the excitement levels.

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    Prepare for the ultimate adventure with the Adrenaline Rush at GameCrazeParty.com. It's not just a ride; it's an experience that will leave your participants talking about the thrill for days to come. Book now and make your event the talk of the town!

  • Apple RollApple RollWatch out for the hungry worms! They want a bite of those apples! Players take the handles and tilt the game board back and forth in an attempt to roll the apples past the rabbit and the worms & land them safely in the baskets. Comes with built in table
  • 3 Hole LED Putt Putt3 Hole LED Putt Putt

    Grab your putter, ball, scorecard, and pencil and set out for the 3,6 or 9 hole LED GLOW putt putt mini golf course! The Loop 2 loops, barn, bridge, wall of chain, and other obstacles will challenge your putting skills! Does NOT need to be in the dark! LED works great in darkness, partial darkness, or in full light!


             The OBJECT of Mini Golf is to get the ball in the hole using the LEAST amount of strokes.

    DEFINITION OF A STROKE:  Every time the putter touches the ball, that counts as ONE STROKE.  Regardless of whether it barely rolled at all, regardless of whether you meant to do it or not … it still counts as a stroke.

    If you swing and MISS entirely, we are NOT counting that as a stroke.  To save face, umm … errr … we’ll call that a practice swing.  (grin)

    We use the HONOR SYSTEM when counting our strokes.  It’s all about having fun so please don’t ruin it by cheating. Please keep track of your strokes accurately. 

    BALLS LEAVING THE PUTTING AREA:  If you hit your ball too hard and it bounces OFF the putting area, you must start again from the tee.  The errant shot counts as a stroke. You do NOT receive an additional penalty stroke. Your penalty is having to start from the tee again.

    WHO HITS FIRST?   Decide amongst your group the order on the first hole. After that, typically, the person who scored lowest on the previous hole has “Honors” (hits first).  If no one scored lower on the previous hole, use the same order you used last.

    WHO HITS FIRST AFTER TEEING OFF?  After all have teed off, whoever is FARTHEST from the hole is the first to hit.  This continues until the hole is completed.

    A. Rules of Stroke Play

    1. The person who plays the holes in the fewest strokes is the winner

    2. One stroke penalty if: Ball jumps fairway – play next shot from spot where ball jumped fairway. Ball is snagged in an obstacle – free ball and play from that spot, not nearer the hole.

    3. After members of party reach putting green, the one nearest the hole will putt first and continue to putt until ball is in cup. Do not take turns on the putting greens.

    B. Equipment

    1. Clubs, All participants must use club provided.

    2. The Ball, All participants must use ball provided.

    C. Player's Responsibilities

    1. Players should check their score after each hole for accuracy. 

    2. There will be no handicapping of scores.

    3. Players should not unduly delay play.

    4. The playing of practice strokes during the play of a hole or between holes is forbidden. A practice swing is not a stroke unless the ball is hit.

    5. The number of strokes a player has taken shall include penalty strokes incurred.

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    The Ultimate Rock Climbing Adventure:

    At Game Craze Party Rentals, we understand that adventure comes in all shapes and sizes. That's why we offer a Rock Climbing Wall with three different levels of difficulty, catering to every adventurous spirit. Whether you're a seasoned climber or a novice looking for a new challenge, our Rock Wall has something for everyone.

    Safety First with Auto Belay:

    Safety is our top priority, and our Rock Wall features an auto belay system, ensuring a secure climbing experience. With auto belay, climbers can focus on the thrill of the ascent, while our dedicated event staff concentrates on helping and encouraging them every step of the way.

    Expert Coaching and Encouragement:

    Our trained event staff is not just there for safety; they are also expert coaches and motivators. They'll be by your side, providing guidance and support as you strive to conquer the towering 24 ft Rock Climbing Wall. We take pride in witnessing the joy and satisfaction on every party attendee's face as they reach the pinnacle of the Rock Wall.

    Why Choose Game Craze Party Rentals' Rock Wall Rental?

        Versatile Fun: Perfect for a wide range of events, our Rock Wall is an excellent addition to birthday parties, school functions, corporate gatherings, and community festivals.

        Challenging Adventure: Challenge yourself and your guests with a thrilling climbing experience that promotes physical fitness and mental tenacity.

        Memorable Moments: Climbing our Rock Wall is more than just a physical feat; it's an opportunity to create lasting memories and a sense of accomplishment.

    Game Craze Party Rentals is committed to delivering exceptional entertainment experiences, and our 24 ft 3 Station Rock Wall Rental is no exception. It's an adventure that combines fun and challenge, leaving every party attendee with a sense of achievement.

    Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your event with the Rock Climbing Wall that's as fun as it is challenging. Contact Game Craze Party Rentals today to book this thrilling attraction and watch your guests reach new heights of excitement and accomplishment. Get ready to scale new heights at your next event!

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