55-ft X-treme Series Movie Screen (40′ x 20′ Viewable)

55-ft X-treme Series Movie Screen (40' x 20' Viewable)
55-ft X-treme Series Movie Screen (40' x 20' Viewable) 55-ft X-treme Series Movie Screen (40' x 20' Viewable) 55-ft X-treme Series Movie Screen (40' x 20' Viewable) 55-ft X-treme Series Movie Screen (40' x 20' Viewable)

55-ft X-treme Series Movie Screen (40' x 20' Viewable)


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55' (16:9 Widescreen)

Perfect for those really BIG events of 2,500+ or even a Drive-In!

Make a grand statement at your next major event with Game Craze Party's colossal 55' (16:9 Widescreen). This larger-than-life screen is tailor-made for those truly BIG events with 2,500+ attendees or even a spectacular Drive-In experience!

Unmatched Features:

  1. HD Projection: Immerse your audience in larger-than-life visuals with our high-definition projection on the expansive 55' screen. Every detail of your content will shine, making it an unforgettable visual experience.
  2. Concert Grade Speakers: Elevate the audio experience with concert-grade speakers that deliver powerful and dynamic sound. Your event will resonate with crystal-clear, concert-quality audio that captivates every attendee.
  3. Bluray Player: Enjoy the pinnacle of video quality with our Bluray player. Your movies and presentations will be showcased in stunning detail, ensuring a visually spectacular experience for the entire crowd.
  4. Audio Mixer: Take control of the sound dynamics with our audio mixer. Fine-tune audio levels for optimal clarity, ensuring your message or movie soundtrack reaches every corner of the audience.
  5. Microphone: Engage with your audience effortlessly using the included microphone. Perfect for presentations, announcements, or hosting large-scale events, the microphone ensures your voice carries across the vast crowd.
  6. 2 1/2 Hours Rental: Extend the entertainment with a generous 2 1/2 hours of rental time. Relax and enjoy the show without worrying about time constraints.
  7. Technical Host: Our dedicated technical host ensures a seamless experience from setup to teardown. We take care of the technical details, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event.

Your Simple Responsibilities:

We keep it hassle-free for you – just provide:

  • Electrical Outlet(s): Ensure the availability of electrical outlets for our equipment, and we'll handle the setup and operation seamlessly.
  • DVD or Bluray Disc: Bring your preferred content on a DVD or Bluray disc, and we'll take care of the rest. Your event, your content – we make it easy for you.

Versatile Hosting for Any Event:

Game Craze Party's 55' screen is not just large; it's versatile. Perfect for major events, outdoor festivals, or even creating a Drive-In experience, this colossal screen ensures your event stands out.

For an event that leaves a lasting impression, reserve the 55' (16:9 Widescreen) from Game Craze Party Rentals. Contact us now and turn your event into a truly grand spectacle!

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